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Success with Press Releases

How a press release drives traffic, attracts eyeballs, and boosts SEO.
Do these goals of press release marketing match your marketing goals?

Greater online visibility
Improved website traffic
More social signals
Higher rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages)
Overall improvement in SEO (search engine optimization)

Here’s what will happen when you begin using press releases:

Greater online visibility (eyeballs) at a low cost

First and foremost, the main reason why press releases are written is for the sole purpose of getting seen by readers. We want publicity. Only secondarily would we think about things such as backlinks and SEO.
How do we harness the great potential of a press release? Primarily, we take advantage of getting high quality publicity at incredibly low prices compared to advertising.
Our primary press release distribution company, MarketersMedia, has done a case study calculating the advertising value of a simple press release done by one of their clients.
From their internal analytics as well as external sources such as SEMRush, they determined how much traffic was coming in to that press release, the keyword being targeted, and the cost per click for that keyword in AdWords. In short, that particular press release garnered in advertising value about $1,600. The actual cost was less than two hundred bucks.
Over a period of seven days, that press release received more than 243,000 impressions, 900 clicks, and $1,600 worth of advertising value.

Improved website traffic

Another case study done was on “1,700+ Visits on a Press Release”
This case study focuses on Bob, a MarketersMedia client, whose press release went off to their various outlets, namely Boston Globe, Yahoo News, The San Francisco Chronicle, ABC 7, just to name a few of the more than 1,400 media outlets distributed. MarketersMedia is able to report back results for at least 480 of them.
Bob’s press release reached hundreds of newspapers, media recipients, and editorials. Many of the media picked up his release and republished it on their website, bringing instant reputation and publicity for Bob – or any marketer interested in traffic generation and brand boosting. Readers had the ability to click through to Bob’s website. That’s worth a lot!
This single press release managed to be read by more than 1,700 people, with more every day. Many media will archive a press release based on keywords, to be retrieved when their interest demands it.
And that’s what press releases are about, getting people to read your news, gaining massive attention, increase traffic, and backlinks from top brand-name websites with high page rank and lots of buzz.

Higher rankings on SERPs and better overall SEO with “hot topics”

One way to boost rankings is to simulate a viral effect using press releases.
Let’s say we send three press releases today, another in two days, and one more two days later. Five total in five days. (Our service gives you at least five per month.)
Our motivation to plant so many press releases is to ensure that your topic continues to be hot and to signal Google that your website continues to gain importance. Think of it this way: when a flu pandemic breaks out, what kind of news floods the Internet? What we do with this tactic is replicate the process with press releases to simulate breaking news. When this happens, your site improves in search result rankings.
As for better overall SEO, it’s simple. Content is king, and always will be. SEO continues to improve as we consistently provide what the searcher wants, and as your web pages grow in authority in the eyes of the search engines.
Our press release content should always be optimized and that just basically means writing better press releases. This can also be seen as “Sustainable SEO Visibility,” which pretty much means reaping the long-term benefits of a press release, not just short-term instant traffic boosts and publicity.


Press releases are the least expensive way for a national and international company like yours to be noticed in your marketplace. Even if you had the budget for expensive advertising campaigns, press releases would be an important piece of your plan.
Also, your press releases are tagged with keywords that help them be found “free and on demand” in archives when the media wants your information. Those ongoing links from your pages to their websites continue to boost your rankings at no cost to you.
Call me today for a customized plan to drive traffic to your website with regular press releases.

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