Content Management

Creating a Local Content Strategy

You must attract local search users if you want to grow your customer base. To do that you need to rank higher than most, if not all, of your competitors so that customers see your business when making their purchasing decisions.

Content marketing is an underutilized but highly effective tool in your local marketing mix. It’s underutilized because creating content requires thought, writing, and/or producing. You can leap ahead of competitors who are unable or unwilling to bother with content creation.

Adding local content such as blog posts and videos to your websites helps you get found on search, demonstrates your local expertise, and puts your business in front of a highly targeted audience of potential customers.

Local Content For SEO

“Not only should local content be part of your local SEO plans, but SEO should be part of your local content strategy.” 

– Nick Ponte, #1 Hawaii SEO agency.

Optimizing your content for search results affects how high your content appears in search. It goes hand-in-hand with successfully leveraging local content to create higher visibility for your business in search engine results.

Well-written and optimized local content also affects whether search users will click through to your website. Engagement with your content and getting people to view your website is the ultimate goal, but getting eyes on the links that lead to your website is where you need to start.

One way we get more eyes on your website is to start with Google and Facebook posts with a link to your website or blog to ‘Learn more.’ 

Benefits of Local Content Marketing

Local content helps search engines know exactly what services or products you provide to your area, which adds to your ability to rank your business higher in search results. Additionally, local content on your website can take up more real estate on search engine results pages to a hyper-targeted audience – at the top, where it counts – at the exact moment they are looking for exactly what you sell.

Content management includes optimization of all your illustrations/photos with your company information.

The most commonly used content mediums are social media (96%) and videos (76%). A good content management strategy incorporates blogs, posts, and videos, often used in combination.

Creating local content should be part of the marketing plan of any small local business looking to rank higher in local search results and grow awareness of their brand, products, and services.