Professional Google Business Profile Management

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Google refers more customers to active businesses that:

        • completely fill out their profile
        • regularly get reviews
        • have a high review score
        • reply to reviews
        • publish Google Posts
        • keep special hours updated
        • answer questions

We can manage these GBP features for you.

We will learn about your services and specialties and write impactful descriptions.

We will fully optimize your Google Business Profile as follows:

  1.  Create one GBP Page (no duplicates allowed).
  2.  Verify ownership.
  3.  Fill out everything possible in the Knowledge Panel.
  4.  Fill out applicable attributes.
  5.  List your menu/services.
  6.  Set hours and special hours.
  7.  Get a 360 tour if it makes sense for you.
  8.  Enter your address.
  9.  List the cities you serve by name or zip code.
  10.  List all relevant business categories, the primary category is listed first. Important: choose only what you are, not what you do or have.
  11. Use local business URLs (eg. appointments, reservations, bookings).
  12.  Add reservations/bookings with Google’s approved third-party vendors.
  13. The previous step can get you showing up in reservations by Google.
  14.  Add photos + videos (logo, cover image, storefront, your team, inside the store, etc).
  15.  Write descriptions of your business and each service or product.
  16.  Do not stuff keywords or links into the descriptions; it’s not part of the algorithm
  17. Get a custom URL.
  18.  Answer questions left on the page by prospective customers.
  19.  Frequently use Google Posts.
  20.  Respond to reviews, good and bad.
  21.  Make it easy for customers to leave reviews (with a custom short link).
  22.  Allow customers to message you – keep that response rate up!
  23.  Flag inappropriate reviews if a legitimate reason (see policies).
  24.  Get your products seen using the product editor + product catalog.
  25.  Hotels can add class ratings and amenities.
  26.  Move reviews to different listings if necessary.
  27.  Follow Google Business Profile guidelines.
  28.  Stay on top of Google changes and updates.

Dominate Your Google Business Page

  1. Add listings in local directories. This proves you exist in your location.
  2. Add listings in industry directories.
  3. Set up pages and profiles on social media.
  4. Watch your Google citations grow on your Google Business Page and drive irrelevant and competitive listings off your page.
  5. Eventually, the first page or two under your company name will be all about your company and no other.
  6. See www.YourBiz.Name for details and examples.