Maximizing Your Google Ads Management

To win this war of online advertising, there’s some critical pay-per-click data you must have:

  • Who are you competing against?
  • What is their message to the market?
  • How do your ads stack up?

If you don’t know the answers, you’re going into battle without a clear view of the enemy. Your chances of winning are dramatically reduced.

That’s where PPC Data Live comes in. We will fight with you.

Our ad-revealing technology gives you the market intel you need to win. The reports are timely, exact, and specific to your company’s ad campaigns.

Here is what our undercover intelligence reveals:

  1. The number of competitors for your keywords
  2. How frequently their ads are shown
  3. Your ads vs the most seen ads of your competitors
  4. How your messages and offers stack up against theirs
  5. Your competitors’ ad schedules
  6. Which search terms have the least competition

This undercover intelligence is available only from PPC Data Live. We don’t steal it, but we dig deep to find it.

Here is a free copy of Google Ads Secrets, a short eBook containing sample reports from PPC Data Live. It’s worth a look.