Comprehensive SEO Services for Maximum Marketing Potential

A Smart Website Uses On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A smart website is one that communicates with the search engines in special ways inside its structure. This makes it possible and easier for search engines to deliver the precise information a search user is looking for. This is on a page-by-page basis for an optimized website.


Page Titles

Your web pages can be smart enough to guide searchers to the page, and not just to the website in general. We go into the settings for your pages to write meta-titles and meta-descriptions to reveal the information the page contains. The search engines then match that information to the search user’s query and deliver the page as a search result.


Schema and Site Map

In addition, you can communicate with search engines behind the scenes, so to speak, with a site map and a specially coded schema on each page.

We can do this ON-SITE SEO for you without interfering with your website design, layout, or content.


Inbound, Outbound, and Internal Links

  • Inbound links: directory listings are the best way to get inbound links – a major ranking factor.  We will select the best directories for your business and manage the posting of your business information.
  • Outbound links: we encourage sites to link to other websites as well. This opens up the web. Links to other websites support the points in your blog posts and pages and provide further information. This will help Google work out how your website relates to others on what subjects.
  • Internal links: to set up a proper site structure. Links to at least one other related page on your site keep visitors on your site and shows them more information.