On-Site SEO

  • Inbound links: directory listings are the best way to get inbound links – a major ranking factor. Your name, address, phone (NAP), and web address with a link to your site tell the search engines that other websites find your site to be of interest to their readers. There are a wide variety of directory sites you should be listed on. These include social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; business sites like the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce; industry sites that list you and your industry peers by specialty and location; and geographic sites such as your state, county, and city visitor guides. We will select the best directories for your business and manage the posting of your information.
  • Outbound links: we encourage sites to link to other websites as well, as this opens up the web. Link to other websites that back up the points in your blog posts, or provide further information. This will help Google work out which websites relate to each other on what subjects.
  • Internal links: to set up a proper site structure, link to at least one other related page on your site. It keeps visitors on your site and shows them more (background) information.