Keywords and Images

Keywords and Images Make a Great Story

It’s the best way to spread your message.

Here’s a story about excellent website hosting. The rest of the story about keywords & images is coming soon.

  • Continual parking of website files on a very secure server
  • High-speed uploads of pages to search user’s computer
  • Free SSL security certificate (HTTPS) with automatic renewals
  • Up to 10 professional email addresses based on your domain name, such as,, etc.
  • Daily backups to restore the site if needed
  • Protection from hackers
  • Nearly unlimited pages, photos, and videos 
  • Immediate changes are always available

You’ll get more benefits and pay much less. The cost of hosting files is an ongoing necessity for every website. At Guild Marketing, we will fold this expense into any other ongoing plans, such as SEO, or you can pay separately. You also have the option to buy your own hosting plan.